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Monday, July 28, 2008

Fall blues

It was super hot yesterday and super rainy and overcast today. Aside from the mud, the weather conditions were great for a run. Thus, I headed out for a run, despite being nearly dehydrated during yesterday’s run in excruciating heat. While running, my eye caught some dead leaves falling from a tree and I was immediately reminded me of autumn. Pangs of missing fall hit me with an intensity to be matched only by the stomachache that hit me at the end of said run. Not that the seasons don’t change here – there’s rainy and dry season. But it’s not quite the same. Today was just a perfect fall day – rainy, overcast, leaves were apparently falling, and it was brisk (or maybe not… I’m not sure I remember what brisk feels like, since temperatures in the 60s could arguably be classed as “brisk” here). It made me sad. I am excited to experience winter in the states again in January, though I’m sure my body will experience shock since I will have been living in summer-type conditions for over a year by then.


Mom said...

Dear Boo, Your post makes me think of "home" -- what it means. I believe some people have an unbreakable emotional attachment to certain geography and weather, generally in the location where where they grew up. At least I certainly have that for Lake Michigan. I long to be there when I'm away from it. Maybe you've got the same feelings for midwest weather, midwest changes of season. I wish you were coming home in either fall or spring, the best months here. But winter will certainly give you a definitive break from Cameroonian climate; it will be brisk by any definition. And it will be so good to have you here! xxoo Mom

Gabriela García Calderón said...

Some weeks later, I hope the blues are gone.
Cheer up!
Best regards from Peru.